Your support of ATSA's Public Policy efforts will help ATSA work on the following Public Policy activities:

  • Strategic public policy planning and implementation for the organization
  • Provide to ATSA members, the public, and the media sex offender treatment and management policy expertise, referrals, and resources
  • Ongoing management of ATSA topic experts to reach out and respond to media and other inquiries
  • Keep the ATSA membership informed of public policy issues, activities, and developments via The Forum and the listserve
  • Continue to establish ATSA as a leading resource of expertise and commentary in the fields of sex offender treatment, management, and sexual abuse prevention
  • Continue to create and nurture strategic relationships and partnerships with allied professional fields such as sexual assault prevention and victim advocacy, public health, criminal justice, law enforcement, etc. for the advancement of policy initiatives and goals
  • Identify emergent and developing issues for policy attention and advocacy including monitoring of and response to federal legislative issues
  • Provide public policy-related seminars, workshops, resources, and materials at the annual ATSA conference
  • Ongoing development of policy topic packets for members’ use in conducting legislative and media advocacy and public education
  • Development of expertise related to sex offender treatment and management, sexual abuse prevention and public policy including the establishment of a Canadian and an International Subcommittee of the ATSA Public Policy Committee
  • Ongoing collection and synthesis of relevant research for use in science-based public policy advocacy and public education
  • Development of policy statements and recommendations for dissemination and policy advocacy purposes
  • Coordination of cross-disciplinary responses to the federal Adam Walsh Act and its Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act; advocacy and analysis to reform the legislation and facilitate responsible state responses
  • Work with Members of Congress to conduct a bi-partisan Congressional briefing or hearing on Capitol Hill regarding the current state of sex offender treatment and management research as it relates to the development of sound policy
  • Develop and maintain an online library of public policy research for use by ATSA Members

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