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A four-part webinar series built to address what ATSA members should know
when bringing their expertise to the campus environment. This webinar series
will address the adjustments needed to transition to working in the campus world. 

Watch Session 1 -3 Here!

Webinar 4

Presented by Brielle Stark-Adler, PhD, Shoshanna Must, PhD,& Jennifer Cinicolo, LMHC 

September 29, 2022 | 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST

Session Description

This final webinar panel presentation will provide attendees with an opportunity to hear from multiple clinicians working with non-adjudicated college students and title IX referred clients. Topics will include the variety of behaviors (i.e. interpersonal violence, contact, stalking/cyberstalking) that may result in a referral.  Assessment of treatment needs, establishing rapport with clients, and unique responsivity needs around aspects of sexual health, relationships, social media and pornography will be included. Specific case examples will be discussed. 

Speaker Bio:

Brielle Stark-Adler, PhD

Dr. Brielle Stark-Adler is a licensed Counseling Psychologist with specific expertise in university mental health and clinical work with emerging adults. Her professional background includes years of clinical leadership, clinical supervision, direct psychotherapy service delivery, risk assessment, and crisis intervention on university campuses. Dr. Stark-Adler is currently Director of Counseling and Training Director at Iona University, and co-Chair of the Westchester County College Behavioral Health Collaborative. Dr. Stark-Adler is an expert consultant and trainer on a wide variety of topics relevant to young adult mental health, including emerging adulthood, college adjustment, high-risk behavior intervention, suicide risk assessment, substance abuse, and interpersonal violence. 

Shoshanna Must, PhD
Clinical Director, Empire State Forensics

Shoshanna Must is a full-time practitioner and Clinical Director for New York City office of Empire State Forensics. She is also on the board of the New York State Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (NYSATSA), and an active member of the City Bar Working group which is dedicated to registration reform. She is also the author (with Gretchen Sofocleous, Ph.D.) of a chapter on challenges related to pregnancy in the book, Women Working in Criminal Justice: A Guidebook for Navigating Professional Challenges, by Laura Jakul and Bobbi Walling and published by Safer Society.

Jennifer Cinicolo, LMHC

Jennifer Cinicolo (she/her) is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor working as the Assistant Director at Empire State Forensics, a private practice in southern New York. Since receiving a
forensic counseling masters degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 2013, she has specialized in the evaluation and trauma informed treatment of justice-involved adult males and females who commit sexual harm and juveniles who exhibit problematic sexual behavior, including those found responsible for college campus sexual assault. Jennifer also works with individuals who identify as Non-Offending Minor Attracted Persons (NOMAPS), who would like support in managing their sexual attractions or increasing overall well being.
Jennifer currently serves as the President of the New York State Chapter of ATSA and serves on the ATSA Prevention Committee, as well as co-moderating the ATSA Campus Listserv. Jennifer also serves as the secretary on the board of the New York State Alliance for the Prevention of Sexual Abuse.

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