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A four-part webinar series built to address what ATSA members should know
when bringing their expertise to the campus environment. This webinar series
will address the adjustments needed to transition to working in the campus world. 

Watch Session 1 and Session 2 Here!

Webinar 3

Risk/Need Assessment with Campus Populations: Differences, Similarities & Practical Application

Presented by Katherine Gotch, MA, LPC, ATSA-F
September 7, 2022 | 12:00 PM PST / 3:00 PM EST
Session Description

Responding to campus sexual misconduct is a complex landscape with often limited guidance provided to institutions on how to balance the rights of all students with the safety of their campus community. There are also significant differences across institutions regarding their response towards students found responsible for campus sexual misconduct. Utilization of risk assessment for students found responsible for sexual misconduct offers an opportunity for more effective responses by development of evidence-informed and individualized sanctions. This session will provide an overview of the research on risk assessment, its limitations for use with non-adjudicated emerging adults and, despite these limitations, how risk assessment can be applied to campus populations. The appropriate use and application of risk assessment tools with campus populations will be discussed and guidance for how to conduct risk assessment, as well as safety planning, will be provided.

Speaker Bio:
Ms. Gotch has worked in the field of sexual abuse prevention since 2000 as a clinician, evaluator, trainer, educator, and in legislative/policy development. She currently maintains a private practice, Integrated Clinical & Correctional Services, which provides specialized clinical and consultation services related to adults with sexual behavior problems and other forms of abusive/violent behavior. She is a Clinical Member & Public Policy Executive Board Member – ATSA, Former Board Member & Public Policy Advisor – Oregon ATSA, and Advisory Board Member & Former Public Policy & Engagement Action Team Co-Chair – NPEIV. She frequently provides training to correctional agencies, treatment providers, policy makers, and other community partners on sexual offense specific management and treatment, static and dynamic risk, incorporation of the risk/need/responsivity principles into practice, public policy, public engagement, and related topics. She is a certified Static-99R/STABLE & ACUTE-2007 trainer.

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