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Manage the ATSAList

ATSAList Rules

  1. The listserv is designed exclusively for ATSA members. Members are not to share the listserv address with colleagues or acquaintances. If a member misplaces the listserv address he/she may contact the ATSA office.
  2. The listserv postings are not to include:
    1. selling or promoting products, services and programs;
    2. advertising conferences, trainings or workshops;
    3. announcing or inquiring as to employment opportunities.
  3. Any requests to solicit research participation must be approved by ATSA’s Research Committee before being posted to the ATSA list. Please contact the main ATSA office at to initiate approval.
  4. Postings shall not include information, discussion, or strategies about fees or pricing for products, services, or programs.
  5. If discussing cases, please remember to maintain confidentiality at all times.
  6. Professional consideration of differing opinions, adherence to accepted network protocol and etiquette, avoidance of intemperate or emotional responses is expected.
  7. Violation of protocol or guidelines may result in temporary or permanent suspension from the listserv. If the violation is considered to be of a more serious nature, the matter may be referred to either the ATSA Ethics Committee or to the Executive Board of Directors for further action.

Join the ATSAlist

Enter the email address you wish to subscribe with.
If this email is not your primary account email
please register it in the infohub.

Manage Your Subscription

Procedures and Guidelines

To post a message:
1) Address to atsa@mail-list.COM
2) Use a one or two word description of message topic in subject line
3) Sign your name to your message, an e-mail address is not considered to be acceptable identification
4) Your posting will be sent to all ATSA members currently subscribed to the listserv

To reply to a posting:
1) Address your message to atsa@mail-list.COM Your response will be posted to all listserv subscribers
2) If the original posting offers an individual e-mail address for responses and if you choose to use only that address to respond, your reply will be sent to that individual and not be posted to the listserv.
3) Identify subject or topic for which your posting is meant

A blank message to these addresses performs the following: gets you on the list. gets you off the list. toggles you to/from the digest version. toggles you to/from the vacation list

For further resources and troubleshooting please visit:

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