36th Annual Research and Treatment Conference

Creating Balance 

36th Annual Research and Treatment Conference
October 25 – 28, 2017
Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center
Kansas City, Missouri

Conference Program Co-Chairs:  Amanda Fanniff, Ph.D. and Marc A. Schlosberg, Ph.D.

Submit your abstract for the 2017 ATSA Conference
Deadline: February 28, 2017

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The theme for ATSA's 36th Annual Research and Treatment Conference is Creating Balance. All submissions related to assessment, treatment and management of individuals who sexually abuse and the prevention of sexual abuse are welcome.

The 2017 conference will feature the field’s top researchers and practitioners providing state-of-the-art knowledge to increase public safety by improving the assessment, treatment, and management of sexual abusers.

The ATSA conference consistently offers unequaled opportunities for learning, professional growth, networking and dissemination of the latest research findings with regard to the prevention of sexual abuse through effective interventions with identified and potential abusers.

The conference committee especially invites presentations that focus on:

  • The innovative application of the latest research in assessing and managing sexual abusers
  • Best practices in community and corrections based treatment for adults and juveniles
  • the etiology, treatment and management of adults and juveniles who have sexually offended
  • How to effectively and ethically manage sex offenders in the community
  • Effective strategies for framing communication for the media, policy makers and the community
  • Prevention programs and research
  • Collaborative efforts with the judiciary, law enforcement, victim advocates and treatment providers.
Unique presentation formats are encouraged for example: multi-media presentations, mixed research and clinical presentations and TED talk style presentations.
Submissions from students and new newly established researchers and practitioners are welcomed!
Students, see the submission link for information about the Student Clinical Case and Data Blitz. The the 5 minute Data Blitz presentations were created to facilitate discussion and collaborations among students and professionals at the ATSA conference.

Submit your abstract for ATSA's 36th Annual Research and Treatment Conference in Kansas City, Missouri!

Submit abstracts through February 28, 2017



Submission Formats

We invite submissions in the following formats:
Clinical or research papers will be organized by topic within a specified time period. Thirty-five (35) minutes will be allotted for each oral presentation. A moderator will be assigned to coordinate the two paper presentations. Two papers will be assigned to each 1.5 hour time period. Therefore each presentation will be allotted 35 minutes. 
Empirical findings are appropriate for this format. These sessions will be presented simultaneously in a setting that allows for one-on-one discussion between the presenter and the attendee. Posters involve presenting data, graphs, illustrations and text on the 4' x 8' poster boards.
A one and a half hour presentation based on teaching direct skills and application of theory. Workshops can combine theoretical and experiential approaches.
A one and a half hour formalized presentation of a group of papers organized around a central theme or topic. The Lead Presenter will recruit, organize, and submit all the abstracts from the authors/participants who have been asked to be involved in the specific symposium. The Lead Presenter must submit all abstracts with all participant information as one package. If you are interested in submitting a symposium for consideration, please download the 2017 ATSA Symposium Submission Instructions and email your completed submission to Kelly McGrath, Conference Administrator: kelly@atsa.com All symposium submissions will be confirmed by email from Kelly at the ATSA office within one week of submission. Please email Kelly if you have not received this emailed confirmation.



Guidelines for Submission

  1. All abstracts (except for Symposia, Panels, and Student Clinical Case and Data Blitz) must be submitted online through the ATSA website: www.atsa.com.
  2. The online abstract form must be completed in its entirety including names, degrees, and addresses of all presenters.
  3. All abstract submissions are required to include 3 Goals and Objectives for the proposed presentation as well as a brief, one paragraph bio for each presenter.
  4. The abstract itself should not exceed two double-spaced pages.  Up to two additional pages are permitted for the Goals and Objectives and the bios. Abstract documents must be submitted in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), Rich Text (.rft) or text file format (.txt).
  5. Abstracts will only be considered for inclusion in the program if received by February 28, 2017.
  6. Print a copy of your confirmation page after submitting your abstract. All abstract submissions will be confirmed by email within one week of submission by Kelly McGrath, Conference Administrator. If you do not receive email confirmation within one week of submitting the abstract, please contact Kelly at kelly@atsa.com.

Selection Information

Proposals will be rated on their relevance to the Conference theme, target audience, clarity, originality, and substance.

The first name listed on the Abstract Form will be identified as the Lead Presenter and will be notified of the Conference Committee's decision in April 2017. The Lead Presenter will be the designated contact person and will be the person receiving all conference correspondence. The Lead Presenter is responsible for conveying conference related information to each co-presenter. Conference registration will be reduced by $50.00 for the Lead Presenter. Co-presenters are expected to pay the full Conference registration fee.

For Further Information
Please contact: The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers at kelly@atsa.com or phone (503) 643-1023 between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. pacific time.

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