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2004 issue:
June 1, 2004
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Volume XVI, No. 2 • Spring 2004
Last year, with much help from ATSA members, the committee finished its draft of the membership survey report which details analysis of questions regarding members' preferences for training. This report awaits board feedback for dissemination to members.
While this column will not allow very much of a preview of the report, some of the key findings include that the highest training topic of interest was forensic evaluation (92%), followed by those related to strengthening practice quality, including ethical issues in research (89%), program evaluation (77%), ATSA ethics (75%), and learning how to train others (64%). The next highest ratings were for categories related to clinical practice, including developing empathy in treatment (60%), legal concerns (58%), psychiatric medications (58%), risk assessment (48%), evaluation of adult sexual abusers (48%), best practices (47%), public policy (45%), case consultation (45%), evaluation of adolescent sexual abusers (44%), and ATSA standards (40%). While the smallest proportion of respondents prioritized topics related to research, including clinical research (38%), research methodology (37%), and research literature critique (30%).
This report, which was used to assist in planning the 2004 conference, is coauthored by the committee members who were closely involved in the process, including Maia Christopher, Ineke Way and Sarah Jane Frankel (who designed the on-line survey and analyzed the data). The remainder of the committee, Liam Ennis (Student Member), Barbara Jones Smith & Sam Walker, was also very helpful.
At the 2003 conference, the committee sponsored a concurrent session on how to train others regarding sexual abuse. David Burton (committee chair), Janis Bremer and Ian Lambie were the presenters. This was well attended and received.
This past year we saw a few changes in the committee, due to work commitments and the need to be involved in other projects, Liam Ennis and Barbara Jones-Smith left the committee and Diana Garza-Louis will be joining us later this year when her other commitments decrease.
In the upcoming year the committee is hoping for executive board approval to pilot a mentorship program for the ATSA membership - this has been an engaging and exciting project, primarily developed by Sam Walker and Ineke Way. We have also submitted various presentations for the 2004 conference including a session on mentoring, and will continue to work with the membership on issue of education and training methods, resources and information...
The upcoming conference has an exciting proposed agenda - we look forward to seeing you there!
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