The principle objective of the ATSA Student Committee is to support the next generation of professionals dedicated to preventing sexual abuse. To do this, we recognize the need to foster an inclusive environment where students can network and learn from each other as they navigate their training and early careers.
  • Students who are registered as at least half-time students in an accredited college or university in pursuit of a career related to the study or treatment of sexually abusive behavior are eligible for an ATSA student membership with annual dues of only $35.00!
  • To apply for student membership, the following is required:
    • Completed application form.
    • One letter of recommendation from your academic or field supervisor.
    • Verification of student status.
    • Annual dues are $35.00 
  • More information about applying for ATSA Student Membership can be found here.
  • Benefits of joining
    • Affiliation with an international association that strives to improve techniques for the evaluation and treatment of sex offenders
    • Complimentary set of the ATSA Standards and Guidelines and Professional Code of Ethics
    • Increased opportunity to access and exchange ideas with other treatment specialists and allied professionals
    • Opportunity to participate in the ATSA chapter in your state/region/province
    • Participation in ATSA’s standing and/or ad hoc committees
    • Involvement in clinical discussions, case consults, and networking through the members-only email discussion group, the ATSAlist, and the Student Listserv
    • Subscription to ATSA’s official journal, Sexual Abuse.
    • Access to the full twenty-five year archive of Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment
    • Access to SAGE’s online criminology journal collection, which contains twenty-five journals, including the top ranking Child Maltreatment, Crime & Delinquency, Criminal Justice and Behavior, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, and Trauma, Violence, & Abuse
    • Subscription to the quarterly newsletter, The Forum
    • Registration discounts for ATSA’s Annual Research and Treatment Conference, as well as ATSA sponsored regional conferences
    • Networking opportunities at the annual conferences
  • Chapters and International Partners
    • ATSA consists of 26 chapters including 25 in the United States and one in the Netherlands. ATSA Student Members are invited to join chapters and attend chapter meetings. This is a great opportunity for networking and getting involved.
    • Look under the “Chapters and International Partners” page for additional information.
  • Conference Presentations
    • Students are encouraged to participate in the ATSA Annual Research and Treatment Conference as well as Chapter Conferences by submitting abstracts for oral, poster, and student clinical case and data blitz presentations.
    • Look under the “Student Research” page for more information!
  • NextGeneration Student Reception
    • The NextGen Reception is a social engagement held at the Annual Research and Treatment Conference to connect ATSA student members with established researchers in the field of sexual abuse. This event provides a relaxing and comfortable setting to network, discuss issues, and ask questions of leading researchers including the ATSA Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

Each year, ATSA recognizes the exceptional work of its students by awarding prizes for the top student posters. Students who present posters at the ATSA conference will be eligible to receive one of two awards: the Grant Harris Student Poster Award and the Marnie Rice Student Poster Award. Each winner will receive $100 and a certificate listing the award. Posters are evaluated on both their visual presentation and quality of research. Students preparing a poster for presentation at the ATSA conference are encouraged to consider how their project advances the field and how they can visually communicate the findings of their research in an effective way.

2022 Grant Harris Student Poster Award Recipient

Melissa Thibodeau, MSc Candidate

Internet, Contact and Mixed Adolescents Who Have Engaged in Sexually Abusive Behavior

2022 Marnie Rice Student Poster Award Recipient

Kristin Mahan, MA

Direct and Indirect Experiences of Childhood Adversity on Deleterious Outcomes in At-Risk/em>

2021 Grant Harris Student Poster Award Recipient

Laura Heid

What Can We Help You With? A Qualitative Study of the Experiences of Non-Offending Men With a Sexual Interest in Children Leading to Their Seeking Professional Help

2021 Marnie Rice Student Poster Award Recipient

Sarah Kelleher, MSc

A Structural Equation Model of Rape Myths in Juror Decision-Making/em>

2020 Grant Harris Student Poster Award Recipient

Kailey Roche, MSc

Clinician Stigma And Willingness To Treat Those With Sexual Interest In Children

2020 Marnie Rice Student Poster Award Recipient

Kathleen Cassidy, MA

Experiences of the Family Members of Individuals with Histories of Sexual Offences: A Content Analysis

2019 Grant Harris Student Poster Award Recipient

Miho Tatsuki & Elizabeth Lane

Supervisor: Christopher Ralston, Ph.D.

Victim Choice Polymorphism and Risk in Juveniles Who Sexually Offend

2019 Marnie Rice Student Poster Award Recipient

Victoria Lister

Supervisor: Ross Bartels, Ph.D.

Using a Cognitive Bias Modification Task to Reduce Rape-Supportive Cognition

2018 Grant Harris Student Poster Award Recipient

Martina Faitakis

Supervisor: Sandy Jung, Ph.D.

Differences in perpetrators of intimate partner violence who sexually assault

2018 Marnie Rice Student Poster Award Recipient

Julia Albrecht MSc

Supervisor: Michael Seto, Ph.D.

Father-Daughter Incest: Investigating Family Dynamics and Risk Factors in German-Speaking Fathers

2017 Grant Harris Student Poster Award Recipient

Seung C. Lee

Supervisor: R. Karl Hanson, Ph.D.

The Rate of Sexual Offence Convictions in the General Population

2017 Marnie Rice Student Poster Award Recipient

Chloe Pedneault, B.A. (Hons)

Supervisor: Kevin Nunes, Ph.D.

Is the Link Between Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Offending in Men Mediated by Sexual Development?

2016 Grant Harris Student Poster Award Recipient

Elena Baur, MSc.

Do Paraphilic Sexual Interests Increase the Risk for Sexually Coercive Behavior? A Population-Based Twin Study

2016 Marnie Rice Student Poster Award Recipient

Carrie LeMay, MS

Supervisor: Jill D. Stinson, Ph.D.

Use of Functional Behavior Assessment to Examine Motivators for Problematic Sexual Behavior in a Forensic Inpatient Sample

2015 Grant Harris Student Poster Award Recipient

Eric Filleter, B.A. (Hons)

Pedophilic Interests and Antisociality among Adolescents Sex Offenders Who Experienced Childhood Abuse

2015 Marnie Rice Student Poster Award Recipient

Kelcey Hall, MA

Supervisor: Jill Stinson, Ph.D.

Experiences of Childhood Adversity and Environmental Responsiveness to Trauma in Juvenile Sex Offenders in Residential Treatment

2015 Marnie Rice Student Poster Award Recipient

Nicholas Longpre, Ph.D. Candidate

Supervisor: Jean-Pierre Guay, Ph.D.

The Roots of Sexual Pleasure in Pain: A Developmental Model of Sexual Sadism

A complete description of the awards, the criteria, and the nomination procedure can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate links above.