On October 9th, the sentencing trial for Sandusky is about to begin. One of the victims has agreed to testify so it is likely to be all over the media again.  And then for the public, the trial and the case will be closed and over.  

But for those of us who care deeply about stopping sexual abuse, this case has brought focus and insight into this difficult topic in new ways.  Although much of the case has focused on what people did do and didn't do to protect these innocent children we now have an opportunity to move the discussion towards prevention.  It is incumbent on us to learn from this case and others to prevent sexual abuse in communities and families across the country and around the world.  

Please take just a few minutes to contact your local paper or radio or TV station and offer to send in a short letter to the editor/opinion piece.  It is incredibly easy to do and if you live in a more rural area, your letter is likely to be printed!  To make your part of the job easier, we have draft three different letters to the editor.  Choose one or edit and submit.  We did this once before and many people were able to get their letters into the public eye and one of our colleagues was given an award for her work!  

So please call your paper or local radio/TV station.  Please reach out into the community while people are still willing to consider what they can do to prevent child sexual abuse.    

All of us will be safer because of your commitment and involvement.  Thank you!


Download Sample Letters to the Editor: