ATSA’s Prevention Committee has been working to understand how race, power, and privilege (RPP) affects ATSA member’s work. A recent survey found that 87% of participants agreed that issues related to race and privilege impact how we address sexual abuse perpetration and survivor healing. ATSA’s Executive Board of Directors recognize that issues related to RPP are significant to the organization’s mission. 

The research shows that entitlement and dominance are core contributors both to sexually aggressive behavior (e.g., Knight & Guay, 2018; Malamuth, 2003) and to the maintenance of privilege and the continuance of racial prejudice. Given the conversations in the public domain, ATSA has a unique voice to contribute to this conversation. Join us in beginning and continuing these conversations with your colleagues and in your workplaces.

The infographics below showcase how ATSA members currently engage with race, power, and privilege through their work.