Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals

The mission of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers is to prevent sexual abuse.

ATSA’s vision is that all people are able to live in a world without sexual abuse.

Professional excellence
ATSA believes in, fosters, and demands high ethical standards and professional integrity among its members.
Community safety
ATSA believes every individual deserves to live free from sexual victimization.
ATSA believes in developing and sustaining multidisciplinary and collaborative partnerships with individuals, communities, and organizations representing many and diverse stakeholders.
ATSA believes in supporting and working to promulgate effective and fact-based laws and regulations aimed at ending sexual abuse and creating safer communities.

Sound research
Promote awareness of and access to up-to-date quality research to ensure a fact-based foundation of effective assessment, treatment, management, policy, and prevention strategies.
Effective practice
Produce and advance a professional code of ethics to enhance practice integrity, promote evidence-based and research-informed best practices to improve treatment outcomes, and provide a range of resources and opportunities to encourage continued learning.
Informed policy
Advocate for evidence-based and research-informed laws and policies that effectively prevent sexual offending, reduce future victimization, and make the wisest use of society’s resources.
Comprehensive prevention
Partner with individuals, communities, and organizations representing many and diverse stakeholders to address sexual abuse as a public health issue, develop prevention and intervention strategies, and ensure programs and services are appropriately resourced.