Document Title:
ATSA Risk Assessment for Males Who Have Engaged in Harmful or Illegal Sexual Behavior

Publish Date:
November 2016

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This document provides a comprehensive review of general and specific risk assessment procedures developed for use with adults convicted of sexual offenses. In the interest of comprehensiveness, the authors have included a section on adolescent risk assessment. Children (including adolescents) are different from adults and warrant separate consideration in all aspects of their care, including risk assessment. Nevertheless, readers will no doubt find the section on adolescent risk assessment a useful component of this paper. Additionally, although some of these tools are appropriate for individuals with intellectual disabilities, this is an unique population and it is recommended readers review the ATSA document on the assessment, treatment and supervision of individuals (adults and juveniles) with intellectual disabilities and problematic sexual behaviors for further guidance. As noted throughout this document, risk assessment is just one aspect of the assessment, management, and treatment of adults who have committed sexual offenses. ATSA provides comprehensive practice guidelines for professionals working with adults and separate guidelines for professionals working with youth who have engaged in harmful or illegal sexual behavior. ATSA also provides documents reviewing appropriate practice with children who have sexual behavior problems. For these and other resources, readers are invited to visit

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Policy Papers