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Screening/assessment of school shooter scenarios

Alex Rodrigues, PsyD
Forensic Psychologist

January 20, 2023
This 90-minute event begins at
 1pm EST, 12pm CST, 11am MST, 10am PST

Session Overview: Within recent years, the frequency of school attacks has increased, capturing the attention of parents, clinicians, and policymakers. As a result, communities and stakeholders are desperately looking for ways to identify and assist high-risk youth before tragedy strikes. While our understanding of school attackers is still growing, research has identified some relevant patterns and risk markers. For instance, many attackers come from troubled homes fraught with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), making clinicians uniquely positioned to intervene. After presenting key research insights, the discussion will focus on attendees' knowledge of school attackers and ways to navigate high-risk situations safely and ethically. Attendees will be provided critical details about school attackers from the existing research, and potential safeguards communities can implement.

Dr. Rodrigues is a forensic psychologist and operates a private consultation practice where he completes a variety of forensic evaluations, including sex offense-related evaluations, competency to stand trial, insanity, and juvenile transfer assessments. Dr. Rodrigues has been qualified as an expert and testified in various jurisdictions. The Colorado Sex Offender Management Board (CSOMB) has recognized Dr. Rodrigues as an approved provider/evaluator for both juvenile and adult populations. Additionally, he is a volunteer participant for CSOMB’s best practice committee, reviewing emerging practices for adoption and implementation. He previously served as a psychologist on a pre-trial unit at St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, D.C. as well as a member of the hospital’s forensic consultation service, completing both competency to stand trial and risk assessments. Recently, Dr. Rodrigues opened a satellite office in Colorado to complement his practice in the D.C. metropolitan area. Aside from court-related evaluations, Dr. Rodrigues provides consultation to law enforcement, government agencies, and corporations on mental health/violence related issues in the workspace.

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