The Connection, Inc.
Middletown, Connecticut


PROGRAM SUMMARY: This is a statewide outpatient program that provides assessment, treatment, and PCSOT polygraphs to adult men and women who are mandated to treatment for problem sexual behavior. It uses current best practices and actively collaborates with probation officers, parole officers, and victim advocates to achieve the goals of reducing future sexual violence, enhancing community safety, and assisting clients in improving their lives.

POSITION SUMMARY: The Program Director is responsible for the Clinical and Administrative oversight of the program and ensures that the program meets the goals of both external and internal stake holders. The Program Director directs ongoing operations, makes continuous improvements in the delivery of services, ensures that the administrative infrastructure is effective and efficient, and ensures the continuation of the program.

Key responsibilities:

  • Oversight, planning, development, delivery and management of the operational and clinical components of Services, including but not limited to budget, staff and funding source relations
  • Scheduling, collaboration, developing/improving curriculum, staying informed of current practices, implementing best practice techniques. Assisting Clinical Supervisors with complicated clinical issues, reviewing and approving all negative discharges and reviewing discharge letters.
  • Ensure quality assurance of COA, HIPAA, funder reports, policy and procedures, client files, Rap sheet compliance, grievances and complaints.  Review and manage ROI requests regarding clients who are not currently active in treatment. Ensuring that Safety Reports, Quarterly Reviews and other required agency auditing processes are completed
  • Creation of outcome and program goals and continual review with QC for quality assurance
  • Supervising and supporting the Clinical Supervisors and Evaluation Manager in the completion of their responsibilities. Ensuring that there is cross training for any specialized tasks.
  • Supervising and supporting a polygraph team in the completion of their responsibilities. This means the director will need to stay informed of current national issues of polygraph.  Auditing polygraph reports for accuracy, assisting in the revisions of booklets and other documents. 
  • Coordinates the services of designated consultants with the services of the program
  • ​Constituency Building with Legislators, Agencies, and trade groups by attending meetings, presentations and working collaboratively
  • Communication and responsiveness with our funding sources are key. Candidate must demonstrate the ability to receive and respond to feedback given from our funding sources
  • Stays abreast of emerging research and practices by attending classes, seminars, workshops


  • Licensure or master’s degree in a Licensable discipline with licensure pending
  • Six years of relevant experience
  • Three years supervisory experience
  • Exemplary organizational and budget management skills, strategic thinking
  • Ability to build and maintain positive relationships with all levels of program staff
  • Comfort with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

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