Forum Editor: Sharon Kelley, Psy.D. 
Editorial Board: Deirdre M. D'Orazio, Ph.D.; Katherine Gotch, M.A., LPC, CSOT; Rosaura Cruz, Ph.D. 
Associate Editor of Research Corner: Ian McPhail, Ph.D. Review Editor: Becky Palmer, M.S.
Book Reviewers: Shoshanna Must, Ph.D.; Robert Parham, M.A.; Jim Renolds, Ph.D.; Tracy Tholin, Ms.Ed., LCPC, LSOTP

The Forum Newsletter, a quarterly publication, is one of the great benefits of being an ATSA member.

The Forum includes articles from ATSA Members and regularly features the Message from the President, Book Reviews, ATSA Committee updates, and frequent research reviews.

As an ATSA Member, you can access the full catalog of Newsletters when logged in through the members menu page or the sidebar menu on the right.

If you are interested in submitting to the Forum you can contact the editor with a draft of an article or even just an idea. This is a great way for professionals and students to share your clinical ex-periences, preliminary research findings, emerging theo-ries and practice innovations. Review the Forum submission guidelines.

The Forum will work with potential contributors on idea development, outlining an article, writing style, and edi-torial/proof reading. If you have ideas for an article about any of the topics suggested below or another sub-ject, please contact the editor.

ATSA Forum Readers want to read more about the following topics:

  • treatment of trauma in offenders
  • program evaluation, efficacy and fidelity
  • working with females who sexually offend
  • working with juveniles who sexually offend
  • prevention of sexual abuse
  • risk assessment updates
  • understanding statistics
  • clinical case studies
  • clinician self-care
  • diagnostic issues
  • policy and its implications
  • ethical issues

Review submission guidelines. While there are no strict rules, many of the articles found in the Forum range in length from 3-7 pages and follow APA publication manual format. Some articles include references, but this is not a requirement. Submissions can be forwarded to the editor anytime for consideration. 

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