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Complete the form below to renew your ATSA membership for 2014.

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Terms of Membership
  • I have not been charged with a felony during the last year.
  • I have not been accused, investigated, and/or involved in unprofessional or unethical conduct during the last year.
  • I have not been denied membership in or been terminated from a professional organization during the last year.
  • If any of the above statements are not true, I agree to fax or email information pertaining to the allegations and/or investigations from the past year to ATSA, within two weeks of submitting my renewal.
  • Any false, inaccurate or misleading information, including omissions provided on this form may result in my membership being denied or revoked.
  • I agree to support the objectives of the Association and to read and abide by the provisions of the ATSA Standards and Guidelines and Professional Code of Ethics, which may include having my name published in the Forum newsletter in the event of an ethical sanction against me by the ATSA ethics committee.
  • By checking the agreement box and submitting this form, I agree to the above noted statements and affirm that all of the information I am providing is accurate and complete.