ATSA Strategic Plan

ATSA is midway through implementation of its 2016-2021 Strategic Plan. This plan, which is evaluated on a biannual basis and revised as needed, is a living document that guides the priorities and activities of our association.

The strategic plan reflects the work of many. Through surveys and interviews, ATSA members, ATSA chapters, partner organizations, and other key stakeholders shared insightful input on the impact they believe ATSA has had, what they value about ATSA, and their opinions on the future directions, priorities, and strategies that will most effectively allow ATSA to play a leading role in the prevention of sexual abuse. The ATSA Board of Directors helped formulate ATSA’s mission, vision, and values, and current and future priorities. ATSA office staff, the people we rely on to keep the organization running smoothly and who are well aware of the association’s mission, its day-to-day operations, and the questions and concerns posed by the general public and media, provided vital input. The level of response we received from our surveys and interviews was exciting and gratifying, and each voice had a role in helping shape ATSA’s future.

The focus of the plan is to maintain the services and programs for which ATSA is known, while developing the organizational capacity to enhance the range of activities and educational opportunities we offer. We will continue to diversity and grow our membership, promote sound research, advance evidence-based practice, advocate for informed policy, develop a comprehensive public education presence, support comprehensive prevention strategies, diversify our sources of income, and advance the association’s overall effectiveness and efficiency.

Download the ATSA Strategic Plan here.
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