Document Title:
Addressing Campus Sexual Misconduct

Publish Date:
May 2019

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The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) recognizes, supports, and applauds the ongoing dedication and work that many other organizations, entities, and individuals have already achieved to address sexual misconduct on college and university campuses. ATSA’s contribution to this effort is a unique perspective due to our focus on the effective assessment, treatment, and management of individuals who have sexually abused or are at risk to abuse. ATSA offers expertise regarding potential responses and interventions for those who have perpetrated sexual misconduct in the campus environment, as well as expertise regarding the risk and protective factors of those who may cause harm. Ultimately, the goal of this work is to prevent sexual misconduct before anyone is harmed. It is our hope that the following information and resources contribute meaningfully to a comprehensive and inclusive approach to the prevention of and response to sexual misconduct on college and university campuses.

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Policy Papers