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The ATSA Public Policy Committee’s current initiative is to provide a toolkit and framework for those engaged in policy reform efforts concerning sexual violence, both at the legislative and grassroots organizational levels. The initiative aims to go beyond “talking points” and more toward developing domain-specific toolkits to support the integration of research evidence into the policy and practice environment. Materials generated through this initiative will be targeted not only to ATSA members and affiliates, but will also be geared toward those engaged in shaping and implementing EIPPs within their agencies and jurisdictions.

Addressing the challenge of Evidence Informed Policies and Practices (EIPP) requires ongoing attention to developing effective means of communicating research findings (e.g., via position statements or research summaries), and articulating strategies aimed at building effective coalitions with trusted intermediaries and EIPP “champions” within and among those engaged in policymaking and agency level decision-making. This, in turn, requires strategies and materials that can help ATSA’s members and affiliates improve their communication with legislative staff and agency leadership regarding mechanisms to promote and cultivate organizational cultures that support the adoption and use of evidence informed practices.

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Policy Papers