Hod or process on how to obtain that goal. The outcome results from changes in the process, i. E. , changes in diet and physical activity. buy viagra soft So, one strategy to achieve a good outcome goal for weight loss is to have a good plan and achieve process goals in diet and activity. Setting a goal of losing century pounds without having a good plan on how to do it is like setting a goal of making a million dollars and not having a good financial plan. Examples of process goals in diet and activity are eating one more serving of vegetables daily or walking 30 minutes daily. Process goals can change over time as you achieve them. Emphasize long-term lifestyle changes — a short-term weight loss goal will only be helpful if it leads to long-term goals such as keeping the weight off. People often look at weight loss and weight maintenance as separate things. viagra online generic In other words, people sometimes feel "once i reach my weight loss goal, i can relax my efforts". This usually doesn't work, because when you relax your efforts you may go back to previous habits in diet and activity and the weight comes back on. Instead, weight maintenance is just an extension of weight loss. generic viagra online next day delivery The habits that will help keep the weight off are the same ones that helped to lose the weight, which is why we emphasize sustainable lifestyle changes. Therefore, for long-term weight loss don't make changes in diet and exercise that you can't keep up indefinitely — but don't underestimate your ability to change either. Improving health is the primary goal — the best goal in my mind is to improve health. So — this may sound unusual when discussing weight loss — if you make beneficial changes in diet and activity, your health will improve, even if you don't lose a pound. But paradoxically, by focusing on process goals in diet and activity, it can be easier to achieve the outcome of sustained weight loss. For more on goal setting see sections in the book. 10 comments posted read comments post a comment blog index mayo clinic products and services book: the mayo clinic diet book: the mayo clinic diabetes diet dvd: mayo clinic wellness solutions for weight loss give today to find cures for tomorrow see also hand scheduled section focus slide show: low-calorie foods for weight control metabolism: what's the best way to boost it? Slow metabolism: is it to blame for weight gain? Breakfast: how does it help weight control? viagra online generic Fast weight loss: what's wrong with it? Body fat: what happens to lost fat? Weight-loss hypnosis: does it work? 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