TSA's members share a deep commitment to all aspects of the prevention of sexual abuse. We seek to reduce the incidence of sexual abuse throughout society via sound research, effective treatment, and evidence-based management of individuals who are at risk to sexually abuse others or who have sexually offended. We support collaboration with individuals, communities, and organizations to develop comprehensive education and prevention strategies aimed at making society safer.

For more information about sexual abuse prevention, read What is prevention?

The following are ATSA’s major activities directed toward supporting comprehensive prevention strategies.

Prevention Podcasts

In this interview with Maia Christopher, Executive Director of ATSA and David Prescott, Immediate Past President of ATSA, PreventConnect's David Lee discusses how ATSA has focused on sexual violence prevention and will highlight the prevention related activities at ATSA's 29th Annual Conference.
The Work of ATSA to Prevent Sexual Abuse 

In this interview with Sally Thigpen and Joan Tabachnick, co-chairs of ATSA's  Prevention Committee, PreventConnect's David Lee discusses the results of a recent survey of ATSA membership about their interest, experiences and opportunities for primary prevention of sexual violence
Collaborating with ATSA for Prevention

Prevention Handouts

These select handouts from ATSA's Research and Treatment conference focus on the latest prevention theory and treatment. 


Other Prevention Publications

The National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Exploitation

ATSA is a member of The National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Exploitation. The Coalition is formed of more than 30 major agencies and experts that have collaborated to develop this first coordinated, collective national plan to focus on prevention to end demand for the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. It supports comprehensive prevention strategies, but pays special attention to primary prevention and positive youth development-actions that take place before child sexual abuse or exploitation has been perpetrated. Join ATSA in preventing child sexual exploitation--please download the National Plan and distribute the document to family and community members. 

Read the National Plan Press Release here.

National Plan Excerpt: The National Plan explains the multiple areas of trauma associated with sexual abuse and exploitation (CSA/E) as well as the frequency of CSA/E and the economic impact, including increased health care and interdiction costs. The report shows that CSA/E often happen in conjunction with other types of abuse and violence,[1] and can have long-term, psychological impacts. The National Plan identifies action steps in several key areas, including research, ending the public demand for sexual exploitation, increasing public awareness and collaborative practices and funding.

Please contact atsa@atsa.com for more information.

Penn State Trial

The Prevention Committee of ATSA and the NSVRC have been working together to be able to move some of the media attention surrounding the trial of Jerry Sandusky, the former football coach at Penn State, towards prevention.