The following articles have been selected from around the world to highlight issues related to sexual abuse. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, nor does posting an article on this page denote ATSA’s support or defense of the information contained in the article. The goal of posting these articles is to give ATSA members an idea of public opinion, current trends, and media coverage of issues related to preventing and addressing sexual abuse. Asterisks denote articles in which ATSA is mentioned or ATSA members or staff are quoted. Articles are updated weekly and are removed from the page after 10-14 days. Check back regularly to see the latest news.

Despite bans, Giphy still hosts self-harm, hate speech and child sex abuse content (11-15-2019)
Facebook says it's getting better at weeding out child sex abuse images (11-14-2019)
Tech platforms still have a long way to go in policing child sex abuse online (11-13-2019)
Paedophiles are born -- not made -- and nothing can change them, study finds (11-3-2019)*

Girl abused and men jailed unlawfully amid widespread child sex offender register failures (10-31-2019)

Nearly 400 children rescued and 348 adults arrested in Canadian child pornography bust (11-14-2019)

Hidden rape conviction target revealed (11-13-2019)
In the circle: A holistic solution to prevent sexual abuse (10-31-2019)

French launch for 'Start to Talk' campaign against child sexual abuse in sports (11-14-2019)

Impact of sex crimes 'devastates' partners (11-8-2019)

Spanish protest demands change to sexual abuse law after men cleared of gang-raping 14-year-old girl (11-5-2019)

United States (general)
How laws against child sexual abuse imagery can make it harder to detect (11-12-2019)
Child abusers run rampant as tech companies look the other way (11-9-2019)
Researchers challenge myth of the relationship between mental illness and incarceration (11-7-2019)
Campaign to end child marriage in the U.S. runs into some surprising opposition (10-31-2019)

United States (state by state)

FBI report: Alaska sexual assault rate highest in nation (11-14-2019)

Judge orders state prisons to revamp censorship policy (11-11-2019)
Judge rules DOC must change prisoner reading rules (11-10-2019)

Documents reveal sexual abuse at California women's prisons (11-14-2019)
#MeToo behind bars: New records shed light on sexual abuse inside state women's prisons (11-14-2019)
Berkeley could ban criminal background checks in rental housing (11-12-2019)

Florida statute of limitation legislation could reveal hundreds of sex abuse cases (11-8-2019)

Federal court finds First Amendment violated by sheriff's plan to place signs on sex offenders' homes on Halloween (10-31-2019)

Athlete's lawsuit against University of Idaho survives court challenge, will proceed (10-31-2019)

Lafayette man removed 'sex offender' from his ID, and a judge dismissed the case. Why? (11-8-2019)

New York
Sex offender rules an inconsistent maze (11-9-2019)

North Carolina
North Carolina is finally 'updating' their incredibly misguided sexual consent law (11-4-2019)
North Carolina reforms sexual assault laws: 'We are defining what 'no' means.' (11-1-2019)
NC sexual assault reforms pass unanimously (10-31-2019)

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