Westcare Foundation
Newcastle, Wyoming


Person in this position will be responsible for the day-to-day assessment and treatment program functions and flow of program activities. Essential job functions include those listed below. Other duties may be assigned as needed.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Responsible for managing the day-to-day functions of the sex offender program;
  • Maintain ongoing communication between staff and management;
  • Coordinate crisis situation with client’s primary counselor and management;
  • Coordinate and facilitate monthly quality assurance peer reviews of clinical files to assure compliance according to the State of Wyoming and WestCare guidelines and those records are securely stored;
  • Insure that all intakes, clinical documentation, discharge summaries, Community Re-entry Checklist, continued care plans, verifications and data system episodes, placements and discharges are accurate and completed in a timely manner;
  • Complete and provide WDOC staff reports, disciplinary reports according to WDOC policy and Procedure;
  • Insure WestCare is in compliance with 45 CFR (HIPAA) regulations and other Federal, State and local policies, rules, and standards regarding the protection of paper and computer-based information and its transfer WestCare and any other program;
  • Fill in for counselors during times they may be unavailable due to illness, training etc.;
  • Provide daily, weekly and monthly reports as requested;
  • Role model ethical and professional behaviors and standards;
  • Provide new employee orientation for assessments and clinical documentation;
  • Meet with clients on special housing status three (3) times weekly as assigned;
  • Meet routinely with team members to communicate program and client issues and needs;
  • Engage in on-going professional development;
  • Embrace and embody the mission, vision, guiding principles, clinical vision and goals of WestCare Foundation; and
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Essential Qualifications:

  • Three (3) years counseling experience (preferred);
  • Must be capable of obtaining and interpreting information regarding the client’s assessment of the client’s stage of change;
  • Must possess knowledge of sex offender treatment and personality dynamics of the sex offender including knowledge of cultural and criminal sub-cultures;
  • Experience in clinical supervision models;
  • Experience in training and evaluating employees including counselor abilities to facilitate and manage classroom environments and present information;
  • Must possess excellent documentation and communication skills;
  • Must have ability to obtain prison clearance; and CPR certification, First Aid Certification and an annual tuberculosis test.


  • Licensed (or licensable) by the State of Wyoming as a clinical social worker, professional counselor, psychologist, addictions therapist, or other related professional and meets the licensing standards for clinical supervisor if supervisory duties are assigned. Wyoming license, must have application on file within 30 days of hire.
  • Must have a Clinical Masters Degree

Working Conditions:

  • Work is primarily performed in a treatment setting.

Physical Demands:

  • The normal work routine involves no exposure to human blood, body fluids or tissues. Persons who perform these duties are not called upon as part of their employment to perform or assist in emergency medical care or first aid to be potentially exposed in some other way;
  • Occasional lifting of more than 10 pounds; and• Sitting, standing, walking, reaching are performed in the normal course of the position.

Mental Demands:

  • Requires the ability to collect and analyze complex numerical and written data and verbal information to reach logical conclusions;
  • Requires the ability to work and cooperate with clients, co-workers, managers, the public and employees at all levels in order to exchange ideas, information, instructions and opinions;
  • Requires the ability to work under stress and in emotionally charged situations;
  • Requires the ability to defend oneself and clients in mentally/verbally abusive situations through the use of approved mental/verbal de-escalation techniques; and
  • Requires the ability to work under time deadlines.

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