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Seattle, Washington


Private Practice Opportunity in Seattle

Join a growing, multi-site private practice based in Seattle, Washington that is expanding our knowledge and methods for assessing and treating individuals with multiple problem areas, including those with sexual behavior problems.

Brain Health Northwest’s vision is to become the Pacific Northwest’s premier professional mental health clinic that integrates our client’s unique biology, psychology, sociology, cultural, and spiritual experiences to heal their mind and body.  Our mission is to create and offer a highly effective place to heal the mind and body by integrating the art and science of clinical psychology and nervous system physiology.

  • By bringing together highly trained and experienced clinical and forensic psychologists, neuroscientists, and mental health counselors
  • By applying the advancements of psychotherapy, neurotherapy, and nervous system physiology
  • By providing services that heal the mind, regulate the nervous system, and optimize performance

At Brain Health Northwest, we provide premium mental health services that are highly effective by integrating state-of-the-art psychotherapies with neurotherapies. Because of our unique staff expertise and applied technology capabilities, we are different than any other provider in the areas we serve.

We are seeking a colleague who shares this vision and is dedicated to changing the paradigm for helping individuals with sexual behavior problems.  We do not accept the proposition that such individuals can only be controlled and managed.  Rather, it is our position that unhealthy behaviors are a manifestation of an unhealthy brain resulting from multiple developmental, social, biological, and psychological influences.  It is also our position that with the correct application of scientifically derived interventions, many of these influences can be successfully resolved and the person then lead a life of healthy desistance.

Our current staff composition includes four clinical psychologists, all of whom are also trained in neuropsychology and/or clinical neuroscience.  Three of them have, collectively, over 90 years of experience working with individuals who have committed sex offenses and are Washington State fully certified Sex Offender Treatment Providers.  Our staff also includes a full-time clinical neuroscientist, licensed mental health counselors, a psychometrist/EEG technician, and office manager.

Licensed or license-eligible in a qualifying profession.  A Washington State license in a qualifying profession must be obtained before beginning clinical work.  Supervision for licensure as a psychologist, LMHC, or LICSW is available so long as the person qualifies for another underlying credential.

Washington State requirements for certification as a Sex Offender Treatment Provider may be viewed at:  Supervision for full certification as an SOTP is available so long as the person qualifies as an Affiliate SOTP.

BCIA mentoring/supervision is available and it is expected that a successful candidate will obtain this credential. 

ATSA membership as a clinical member and adherence to ATSA Ethics and Guidelines is expected.

Following is a list of desirable knowledge/skills.  Note that it is not necessary to meet all of them to be a successful candidate, but stronger candidates will have two or more and be committed to developing other knowledge/skill areas:

  • Experience in physiological measures/interventions such as EEG, HRV, peripheral biofeedback, PPG. 
  • Knowledge of current research and intervention methods including cognitive behavioral methods, behavior therapy, group methods, DBT, EMDR, VR-based interventions, trauma-informed care.
  • Knowledge and experience in scientifically-based violence risk assessment including static, dynamic and protective factors and procedures.
  • Research interests and experience consistent with our own clinical trials/research foci is desirable.  BHNW conducts an annual review and plan for conducting internal research and clinical trials.
  • Knowledge and experience conducting internal program evaluation procedures and/or marketing analytics.

Some of our current research interests relevant to our work in this field include:

  • Understanding the psychological, neuropsychological, and neurodevelopmental correlates to offending. 
  • Investigations on the Somatic Marker Hypothesis as it pertains to decision-making and risk.
  • Exploring the use of QEEG as a potential substitute for PPG and other sexual interest measures.
  • Adaptation of Virtual Reality treatment for phobias/anxiety/PTSD to potentially employ covert sensitization/exposure techniques for arousal control, impulse control, and improved in vivo community-based decision-making and risk management.

In addition to an extensive library of psychological tests and risk assessment instruments, following are some of the technological resources available to clinicians at BHNW for clinical and research uses:

  • Four 24-channel EEG workstations using BrainMaster and Mitsar amplifiers.  Software analysis packages include BrainDX, Neuroguide, WinEEG, New Mind, and Jewel.
  • Additional dedicated EEG clinical treatment packages include four 2-channel Cygnet systems for slow cortical potentials training, three 2-channel and one 4-channel BrainMaster Atlantis systems for surface amplitude training.
  • Two VR systems.
  • Thought Tech peripheral biofeedback system.
  • HRV and capnometry.
  • Neurotracker 3D Multiple Object Tracking system.
  • Two tDCS systems.
  • pirHEG biofeedback.
  • CES systems.
  • Limestone PPG.
  • Viewing Time assessment.
  • Three photobiomodulation units.

Financial Considerations:
BHNW is a for-profit LLC.  Clinicians in the Seattle office are enrolled as W2 employees of the corporation with a compensation package configured to account for overhead expenses, supervision costs, and revenue generated.  A graduated costs participation schedule is available to assist the successful candidate during the early months when revenue generation is unlikely to cover these costs.  Assistance in networking, referral generation, and practice development will be provided.  The successful candidate will be expected to take an active role in program development, marketing and clinical knowledge acquisition when not engaged in direct services.

Interested individuals to contact us via email at: or 206-456-5454, ext 101.

Brain Health Northwest is proudly an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Posting Expiration Date: 
Tue, 2019-04-30 (All day)