Fast Facts About Campus Sexual Assault

Fact 1: Campus sexual assaults affect many students.

Nearly a fourth of all female undergraduate students and 5% of male undergraduate students report having experienced sexual assault. Among graduate students, nearly 10% of females and approximately 2% of males report having been sexually assaulted.

Fact 2: Most assailants are known to the victim.

Individuals who commit campus sexual assault generally know their victims. Assailants may be other students or school employees who operate from a position of trust. Assaults by a stranger on campus are extremely rare.

Fact 3: There are known risk factors that increase the likelihood of someone committing sexual assault.

Studies have shown that males are at a higher risk to commit sexual assault if they have been socialized to accept traditional gender stereotyped attitudes toward women in which the man is dominant, show hostility toward women, are aroused by depictions of sexual violence, and are part of a peer group that supports these beliefs.

Fact 4: Schools are required by federal law to have procedures in place to respond to charges of sexual assault.

Colleges and universities operate separate investigatory processes from law enforcement. Someone who has been sexually assaulted has the option of reporting to either or both the school authorities and local law enforcement agency.

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The following citations reflect research, publications, and presentations by current ATSA members.



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