Introduction to the ATSA Strategic Plan

The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) is committed to playing a vital role in the prevention of sexual abuse. As an association we want to be proactive in meeting the needs of our membership and in working collaboratively with other stakeholders in a manner that supports high quality research, assessment, treatment, training and policy development. We also know that with limited resources we have to set a clear and engaging direction for our future to ensure that through our work we make a difference in this field.

To ensure we had a strong five year plan to guide the association we set out on a comprehensive strategic planning process. ATSA members were surveyed and asked to tell us what they valued about current membership benefits and services, their opinion on future directions and priorities for ATSA, and asked how ATSA can better help and support them in the challenges and opportunities they face in their work. Non member stakeholders interested and involved in sexual abuse prevention were also surveyed and asked what membership benefits and services would be important to them should they consider ATSA membership, the type of impact they believed ATSA services had on policies and procedures influencing the prevention, treatment, and management of sexual abuse, what future services might entice them to become ATSA members, and what have been the obstacles to them become members. We interviewed key individuals (e.g., past ATSA Presidents, longstanding members, partner organizations) about their thoughts about ATSA and the field of sexual violence past, present and future. We surveyed the ATSA Board of Directors asking board members to identify what they viewed as current and future priorities. And, we surveyed the ATSA office staff who are well aware of the association’s mission, are involved in its day to day operation and are the people who keep the association running. After key themes emerged the Board of Directors participated in a day long Strategic Planning meeting. All these steps ultimately resulted in the Strategic Plan that we are presenting.

It is wonderful and gratifying that both the member and non-member surveys each had over 400 responses ensuring that many voices participated in shaping ATSA’s future direction. The enormous task of synthesizing, analyzing, integrating and organizing all this data fell to the Strategic Planning Committee who did an extraordinary job. We would like to give our sincere thanks to David D’Amora, Robin Goldman, Keith Kaufman, Elizabeth Letourneau, Chris Newlin, Steve Sawyer, and Elizabeth Schatzel-Murphy. Your willingness to share your knowledge and/or vision about Strategic Planning, the wonderful discussions and exchange of ideas, and the extraordinary thoughtfulness, time and dedication you have put into this process has been amazing and is deeply appreciated.

We would also like to extend our warm thanks, appreciation and gratitude to our fearless Strategic Planning Consultant Jude Kaye. Jude hung in there with us through what was at times a grueling process and kept us on task and goal oriented. The excellent quality of this plan is a tribute to her guidance.

On behalf of the Executive Board of Directors and the Strategic Planning Committee, we are proud to present ATSA’s Strategic Plan.

David Prescott     Joan Tabachnick and Lawrence Ellerby     Maia Christopher
ATSA President    Strategic Planning Committee co-chairs    Executive Director

Download the ATSA Strategic Plan here.
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