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A Look at Recidivism Rates of Female Sexual Offenders when Recidivism is Re-defined

A Serendipitous Controlled Treatment Study of Sex Offenders with Intellectual Disability

A Sexual-Abuse Awareness Program, Using Puppetry, for Baltimore Middle-School Students

Criminogenic Needs of Youth who Sexually Offended in a Non-Western Context

Evaluation of the Social Validity of a Group Treatment Program for School-Aged Youth with Sexual Behavior Problems

Measuring the Disparity of Categorical Risk among Various Sex Offender Risk Assessment Instruments

Neuroimaging of Sexual Arousal : What is so Special about Pedophilia?

Paraphilic Coercive Disorder: Assessing the Structure and Validity of the PCD Checklist

Pornography Use and Sexual Fantasies of Youth who Sexually Offended in a Non-Western Context

Primary Goods and Pathways to Sexual Offending for Youth in a Non-Western Context

Reflections on Group Therapy by Juveniles with Sexual Behavior Problems: Iatrogenic Effects, Satisfaction and What Works

Sexual Deviancy and Cultural Identity: Differential Implications for Intervention

Should we use Phallometric Testing for Risk Assessment?

The Assessment of Sadists’ Sexual Preferences: The Utility of a Dimensional Approach

The Impact of Viewing Child Pornography

The Investigation, Prioritization and Risk Management of Child Pornography Offenders within Policing

The Relation between Hypersexuality and the Facets of Psychopathy among Adult Sex Offenders

The Vermont Assessment of Sex Offender Risk-2 (VASOR-2)

Using Prognostic Modeling to Identify the Best Predictors of Recidivism in a Large Sample of Sexual Offenders

Using the Natural Lay Helper Model with the Black Church to Rehabilitate Juvenile Sex Offenders

Which Measure Should I use to Assess Attitudes Supportive of Sexual Offending? A Meta-Analysis

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