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Abnormal Cortical Inhibition in Sexual Offenders with Psychopathic Traits

Body Image and Male Adolescent Sexual Offenders

Child Pornography Possessors: Comparisons and Contrasts with Contact and Non-Contact Sex Offenders

Cognitional Impairment: Is There a Role for Cognitive Assessment in Diagnosis and Treatment of Sexually Violent Predators?

Correlations between the Victim-Offender Relationship & Level of Sexual Aggression in Fantasy and Experience

Crime and Punishment: Gender in Teacher Sex Offense Cases

Denial as a Cognitive Distortion and its Relationship to Recidivism among Sexual Offenders

Developmental Antecedents and Violent Outcomes of Psychopathy and Sadism

Establishing a Baseline Prevalence of Unwanted Sexual Experiences amongst a Public University Population

Examining the Behavioral Antecedents of Juvenile Sex and Non-sex Offenders: A Developmental Pathway Approach

Gender Differences in Sexual Behavior Problems for Preschool Children: Pre- and Post-Treatment

Online Sexual Offenses by Male and Female Juveniles: A Distinctive Mode of Relational Aggression

Onset of Offending and Detection Avoidance in Adult Sex Offenders

Preventing Sexual Violence: Understanding Sex Offense Behavior through a Preliminary Analysis of Situational Variables

Profile of Online Sexual Offenders: Comparison with Offline Sexual Offenders and Community Controls

Sensation-Seeking Needs, Pornography and Aggression in Adolescent Sexual and Non-Sexual Offenders

The Executive Functioning of Sex Offenders: A Meta-Analysis

The Role of CSA Perpetrator Gender in the Victim Gender Choices of JSOs

The Use of a Dynamic Risk Assessment Tool (SOTIPS) as a Group Treatment Exercise

What Clinicians Think Rapists Think About Rape

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